Ultimate steps to end up with excellence results.

Ultimate steps to end up with excellence results. Myorign.com.ng

     Perhaps your parents and teachers have urged you to put forth more effort in this subject. If so, they are not trying to make your life difficult! They just want you to reach your full potential. So, what can you do if the pressure to measure up makes you want to give up? With the proper steps, you can clear a path to excellence.
    Below are steps to help you Overcome your educational miseries :


it's hard to be motivated to do well in school if you have a negative view of learning. So try to see the big picture. An education in a variety of subjects will enrich your understanding of the world around you. It will help you to become all things to people of all sorts, giving you the ability to talk to people of various backgrounds. At the very least, you will improve your thinking ability - a skill that will surely help you in the long run.


school can reveal your hidden talents. The talents you have are unique to you. School can help you to discover and nurture abilities that you never knew you had.
Don't set yourself up for disaster by thinking that you are simply not capable of improving. When beset with negative thoughts about your abilities, replace them with positive thoughts.
You need to know what your strength are, if you can not thinking of them, why not ask a supportive adult such a friend can help you to identify your strengths and to make the most of them.


Going to school early before 7:30am is the right time for a good student. To make it in school you need to be punctual in everything. Walk-up around 5:30am(latest 6am) to carryout your chores, take bath, eat and go to school without stress.


obedience is the key in everything as far as school is conscience. There's a song we always sang in our nursery school days:
Obey, Obey
Obey, Obey
Obedience is better than sacrifices.

The above song means obeying your teacher senior and anybody that is older than you in class and age. Also obeying the School rules and regulations.


Having a good listening skills is the best step that a good student must know . You can't make it when you don't enter classes and listening to what the teacher is teaching.
Beware of distraction, some students can be a stumbling block to you by distracting you with something not important or important at the time teaching is carry-on.
My chemistry teacher said, "The time you want to grab important point is the time that Satan will come for distractions either by a follow student or with a sleep".
So sleepless!


you need to have clear knowledge about what is thought make sure you understand everything because, it is not good to cram something without understanding. Things you understood is not easily forgotten, but grabbing Will be forgotten after the lesson. If you don't understand a particular lesson,why not ask questions and listen to the explanation.


Just like a farmer need hoes and Marcher, so a student needs [Books, Mathset, pen, calculator, dictionary, etc] to help you in writing and other things. Prepare and arrange your belongings, so that you will not forget your tools as a student.


you need to be serious through reading, take part in class activities like interclass debate, Doing your class work and Assignment on time.
Do not be afraid to see wrong mark on your book or class work, because without falling in class work, you couldn't have make the right out of its. Before you do any class activities bear the following in mine:
•I am not perfect to have all correct, but I want to be perfect

•I want to try a luck, if what I write or solve is correct.

•I come to school,to learn and write if I don't have this one, I will seek for correction to make sure I know its by myself [understand ]

•I want to improve my grades this term.

Have you been getting good grade at school? What method did you employ that I didn’t mention in this guide?

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