Tricks To Pass Any Examinations Without Studying.

           Passing exams without studying is always hard and impossible to believe.
Meanwhile , studying well in advance of an exam is the best strategy for success, you may still be able to pass an exam if you did not study.

          Here are a big questions, you may ask now;
1. Is it possible to pass your exams without studies?

2.How can i pass exams without studying?

            The above questions will be treating here clearly with a steps by steps  strategy.

Tricks To Pass Any  Examinations Without Studying.

Get a good night’s sleep:
               A day before the exam,you have to get a good night's sleep. Being well-rested will improve your chances of performing well on an exam, even if you have not studied for it! You will think more clearly and be less likely to make simple mistakes due to being tired.

      Anxiety should not  be part of you:
         Yes,there's always a fear when taking an exam,you are not well prepared for.
             Remain calm and think big that if 20 questions is given, you can answers 10 questions correctly.

Feed well:
          Eat before going for examinations hall will really help because taking an exam on an empty stomach is a bad idea because you will likely have more difficulty concentrating if your stomach is growling.
Drink least water to avoid distracted by urine.

Read the instructions carefully:
              Before start answering questions, read the questions and understand rules covering the exams.

Time is everything :
         Note your time and use it wisely.
According to Thomas Edison ,"Time is not a commodity that can be stored for future use. It must be invested hour-by-hour, or else it is gone forever".

         Don’t spend too much time determining how long to spend on each question.          
          Just do a quick estimate.Make sure to allocate extra time for essay questions. For example, if you have 60 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions and 2 essay questions, then you should probably plan to devote 1 minute to each multiple choice question and allow yourself 15 minutes per essay question.

Read and understand:
          A complete read-through is essential because it allows you to preview the information in the exam, start thinking about how you will answer certain questions, and understand that questions before giving the answers.

Give answers to the questions:

          If you know the answers to some of the questions, answer those questions first and skip over the ones you don’t know.
          Return to the questions you skipped only after you have finished answering the ones you know. This alone will help you the most.

Review And Guess On Unknown Questions:

          Once you have finished answering all of the questions on the exam,  then go back through the exam and review your answers. Focus on the questions that you were unsure about . Add detail and clarify your answers as much as possible.
          If you  don't know the correct answers,just do a guess through the questions by choosing the answer that are similar or related to the questions.
           Use your best judgment to determine if the answer fits the question best.

          I hope this article help those who want The Tricks To Pass Examinations Without Studying.

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