Amazing rules to pass your WAEC,NECO,JAMB exams in first sitting.

                  Passing examination might look very difficult at the beginning but you must have a natural eagerness to learn new things. If others makes it you will make it. Here are 11 rules you must obey to pass your exams on first sitting.

Amazing rules to pass your WAEC,NECO,JAMB exams in first sitting.  Myorign.

                   1.Mindset: Bear in mind that you have an important exams,the reason you want to sit for the exams and the mark you want to score as well as the cut-off mark to further to tertiary institutions will boost your determination to be serious.

                  2. Know how and what it's all about: Know how the examiners set their questions, scores and their sitting in the exams hell. For jamb candidates, go for CBT lesson or download the App on Google playstore which include past questions and answers. Remember,Practice make perfect; what you learn and understand will not be forgotten .

                  3.Revision: Revise your note and read your textbook on the areas you want to sit for the exams. some questions will be ask which you have not be taught. I advice you to read across from note because your teachers may not have time to covers the school syllabus.

                  4. Get the syllabus for each subject: Has I say above getting the exams syllabus for the year yoi want to write the exams and make sure you complete the syllabus. Don't depend on what your teachers teaches because he/she may not have the time to complete the syllabus. So,read ahead of the teacher by reading across from what he/she teaches you for excellence result .

                   5. Seriousness: Be serious in your studies,don't skip anytime,day or week without completing your studies timetable ,read ahead and you will make success very soon.

                    6. Get past question: Past questions is important because some questions dp repeat themselves. Get its from your friends,relations or anyone that you know sat for the exams. Thanks to google because you can get the past question online in an easy way by google search.

                  7. Obey the examination instructions: Read the exams instructions and abide in its. Do not forget to write your name and examination number, if require. Read the instructions immediately you receive the questions booklet .

                  8.listen to your teachers: Never forget to listen to your teachers because some of them are examiners and invigilators and they have the experience to pass information on how WAEC , NECO , JAMB . Attend classes and focus on what your teachers teaches for the seek of your exams.

                  9. Be the first to get the exams time table: Getting the examinations timetable will give you the boldness to know what to take first,second and so on. And will give you the chance to know the actual time , date and month of the exams.

                10.Avoid common mistake: The mistake students have most is punctuation mark. Punctuation is very important in every examinations , especially English. So study its and know how and where to use the marks.

                  Don't write out of point,write the correct answers and don't use the time you couldn't have use for other questions to design your handwriting. Be fast in writing and let it be eligible for the markers to see what you wrote .if fulls-cap is given, remember to roll a line on the left side to make your writing nice. 

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