What to do after sitting jamb examinations

     This is always a frequently ask question by jamb candidates.
"I have sat the jamb exams and i pass,what next will i do to get to the college".

"What next after Jamb and when will Jamb start giving admission? "
What to do after sitting jamb Examinations myorign.com.ng

      The above question is what i found on my mail,almost twice a day. I decided to share this to my blog readers and jamb aspirants.
  Now, you have sat your exams here are the next action you are going to take to get into college.

In this article ,you will learn:
1. Steps to take after jamb results is out.
2.How to get into college.

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    1. Check Your Score And Your Choice Institution Cut Off mark :
    Passing Jamb exams does not assure that you get admission.
First action you should take after sitting the exam is to wait for your result ,if out and you pass, never forget to  see whether it can take you to your choice of institution or not. If yes, good!
      After confirming that you have crossed your school’s general cut off mark, the next step is to see whether you can be admitted with your score,  This is when the main steps start.

2. Changing college Or Course maybe the next option:

If your score is not enough for your first choice school, then consider getting a change of institution form.
 Those this exist ? Yes,its exist.
Meet the college of your choice for more information.

       After Jamb, there's always a urges of getting to college. still waiting for admission list,right? Calm down the pressure and i assure you that your name will be listed in the admission list.

3.Learn A Skill:
            Jamb will release first batch admission status around September. You don’t have to waste time. Develop yourself. Learning a skills is the right option,what skill are you going to learn tailoring ,photography, etc. List a skill that you are passionate about and choose one.
Why learn a skill?
I have a distance friend, who is a fashion designer and is making much as a designer.
This is what he do ;

 I. He Find the best tailor around his town .

 II. Ask what the tailor charge, go back to school and introduced himself as a fashion designer and get order by his course mate.          
       Right now he made so much,pay this bills and fees without asking his parent.  Sound great!

 Learning skill maybe the best option ,because your parent won't be there and you will be all on your own. theirs money may not afford your needs,so why not learn a skill. optional!

4. Know more about school of your choice:
      You need to know what’s up in your school of choice. Remember, it is what you have in your mentality that takes you ahead.
 Ask your counselor or any admitted student in the school of your choice about the admissions processes, fees charge and steps to take forward gaining admission in the school.

5. Search about choosing School’s Screening Date:
          Visit schooladmissionhub.com and my school. or others school news sites for information about screening date and
any information concerning your school’s online and physical clearance, plus other admission updates.

I hope this article help those who want to know what to do after sitting jamb examinations?

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