4 ways to improve your grades at school

4 ways to improve your grades at school myorign.com.ng

        Education means more than racking up point on tests. It means developing what is called "thinking ability ", the skill of talking raw information and drawing sound,practical conclusions from it. A student who manages to get passing grades through guessing,cramming or even cheating never really learns how to think.
        And what good is a high grade in mathematics if later on you find yourself unable to balance a checkbook?
        It is thus important that you view grades, not as an end in themselves,but as a helpful means of gauging your progress at school. How,though, can you achieve grades that reflect your abilities?

        You need to be responsible for learning. Don't be lazy;Laziness is often the real reason for low grades.
        A Good student must take responsibility for learning. Don't blame anyone; set goals for yourself.

        Keeping timetable for yourself and stick to it continuously is the best way to improve your grade.How ever,pattern of doing things,is also helpful when it comes to your method of studying. You may choose to read two books a day,plan with sense because some days you will be given homework which will take time.So,make the right schedule that is good for you and read to understand not cramming.

        Furthermore, from the beginning of the term,when you come back from school schedule a time(let it be on your timetable ) to revise and read your book from the first topic to the last topic and see your grade improving .

       Study in a quiet environment, to enjoy your study;use a desk or a table with plenty of space on which to spread out your work. Make sure your study materials are completed (such as pencil,pen and paper) so that you won't have to get up constantly. For concentration, Television or radio should be off,have adequate glare-free lighting to protects your eyes as well, check ventilation and room temperature.
 Note:Whether you are in the mood for it or not.view homework and reading as an exercise in self-discipline ,a rehearsal for later work experience.

4.There will be a test tomorrow (next week):

         These words need not cause you to panic.
Firstly ,try to listen to the teacher's comments what kind of test it will be, such as objective test or essay test.
        Since,you have been reading your notes,you will not find it difficult to understand.
        Next,review your notes,homework or assignments and ask yourself a question ,answer it with offhand.
(Review your notes,copy the questions and give answers to it,offhand). The night before the test,relax and try to get a good night's sleep. Do not be anxious at the test or examination hall.

        As important as grades are,they are not the final judgement on your worth as a person. Nevertheless, take advantage of the time you are in school and learn as much as you can. Usually that effort will be reflected in grades that will make you and your parents feel happy and satisfied .

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